The Health Benefits of Indoor House Plants

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Houseplants are a great way to add a splash of color and vitality to your home. A simple plant can make any room come alive, and they’re practically cute pets that require way less maintenance. Because houseplants are living things, they interact with your body, mind, and mood in ways simple decorations can’t. These are the top four benefits of keeping indoor houseplants.

Breathe Easier

We’ve all learned about how trees help us breathe easier outside, but did you know that having indoor plants will do the same thing? As we breathe, we release carbon dioxide and take in oxygen. Plants are the perfect Yin to our Yang in this regard since they live off of carbon dioxide! When you add plants to your indoor spaces, you’ll actually increase the oxygen levels of your entire home!

Also, while you’re sleeping, plants typically start following our breathing habits by releasing carbon dioxide and absorbing oxygen because photosynthesis is on hold. Luckily, plants like succulents and orchids continue the cycle and will release oxygen all night long! Put these plants in your bedroom and enjoy a breath of fresh air while you sleep.

Reduce Stress

Being close to leafy green plants is bound to make anyone feel happier than when staring at an empty room. However, there is more to this stress reduction than just the color of the plant. Plants bring us better air quality, lower noises, and make us feel like we are more in tune with nature. Being near indoor plants will also improve your health quality, as many have found that people in offices with plants are more productive while also taking fewer sick days. Put your mind at ease, and let leafy houseplants make each day a little bit easier!

Improve Your Air Quality

Have you ever heard of SBS or Sick Building Syndrome? Even if you don’t know the scientific phenomenon, you’ve probably experienced it before. Basically, it’s when office workers experience frequent headaches or breathing problems from being cooped up in the same room for extended periods. Nobody quite knows the exact cause, but experts point to poor air quality as a leading contributor.

Indoor plants are fantastic for fighting against SBS because they naturally improve air quality. A few of the ways that they make the air you breathe better include reducing carbon dioxide levels, increasing humidity, reducing airborne dust levels, and more! If you feel like your office is making you sick, consider adding a few indoor plants!

Reduce Noise for Peace and Quiet

Have you ever noticed how echo-y an empty room is? Sound loves to bounce off of hard surfaces like walls and tables, and we can’t all afford to add sound isolation pads like the major recording studios. Luckily, research has shown that houseplants are quite effective at reducing background noise.

The leaves are soft and are great for absorbing sound waves, along with diffracting and reflecting sounds. So, if you want to enjoy a little bit more peace and quiet in your home or office, consider strategically placing these natural sound minimizers throughout the area!

There are hundreds of other benefits of indoor houseplants, but those are our favorite. If you have plants at home, what benefits have you noticed?

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